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Cancer in the fire service


Cancer caused 70% of firefighters deaths in 2016.


Cancers in firefighters compared to general American population:

  • Testicular cancer (2.02 x greater risk)
    Multiple myeloma (1.53 x greater risk)
    Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (1.51 x greater risk)
    Skin cancer (1.39 x greater risk)
    Brain cancer (1.31 x greater risk)
    Malignant melanoma(1.31 x greater risk)
    Prostate cancer (1.28 x greater risk)
  • Colon cancer (1.21 x greater risk)
  • Leukemia (1.14 x greater risk)
  • Breast Cancer in women (TBD SFD)
  • *Source Firefighter Cancer Foundation
  • And the IAFF.

Firefighter Exposure


  • Smoke, Particulate that carry Carcinogenic toxins
  • Fire scene
  • -Aromatic hydrocarbons, PAHs, nitro-PAHs, aldehydes, cyanides, particulate, oxides of carbon, nitrogen & sulfur 
  • Synthetic materials:
     - Vinyl chloride, PCBs, plasticizers, phthalates,
     isocyanates, flame retardants, mercury, dioxins &
  • Inorganic:
     - Asbestos & metals

Exposure to these harmful carcinogenic materials is what is leading to the tremendous number of illness cases in firefighters. Mitigate your exposure to these harmful particles by wearing AEGIS FIRE GEAR garments.